The last couple of years my life has been all about making my wishes and dreams come true. One of those things has been to become a professional photographer, but I have always given up because the equipment you need is so expensive. But recently I realized that I have taken a tremendeous amount of great photos with various cameras and cell phones throughout the years. You absolutely do NOT need expensive things to have an eye for photography.
So I finally cut myself some slack and decided to create this place where I can finally publish my photos - all of my favorites from 10 years and up until now. My goal has always been to capture the magic and serenity of nature. I want to get a camera that has a remote switch, because then I can finally take pictures of me and other people without stretching out my arm like a selfie or just not be in the picture myself. That is my biggest problem about loving photography, I am the one who takes all of the pictures so I end up almost not having any of myself unless I ask someone to take one. And the pictures dont look spontaneous and natural then which are my favorite kind of pictures. In the moment. When people dont realize you are taking their picture and they are being totally themselves. That is when they are the most beautiful and they often dont realize that themselves. I like pictures that have movement in them, where you see that something is going on.
So I would like to welcome you to my new photo blog and my beloved collection of pictures.
Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace within the storm